Water is a Finite Resource

  • Only 1 % of total water in the world is usable
  • Our water needs are growing expeditiously for –
    • Agriculture – the largest user
    • Fulfilling industry requirements – second biggest user
    • Supporting livestock
    • Consumption by growing population
    • Catering to impoving standards of living
  • Our sources of water are glaciers, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and underground aquifers
  • Energy is used by the water system to pump water for above activities
  • Energy is used in treatment and cleaning of potable water
  • It is also used to treat wastewater expelled from industry & human consumption in order to put it back into the water system
  • Untreated wastewater that has been dumped into rivers, etc. negatively impacts the environment.
  • In the near future, over 50 % of the world will live in Water Stress

Water Starvation

  • 663 million people do not have access to safe water – twice the population of the US
  • 1/3rd of the global population have no access to toilets
  • Cities waste over 40% of their water through leakages
  • Groundwater is being used faster that it is replenished
  • Humans are polluting water faster than nature can restock it
  • India ranks 120th of 122 on water quality and 133rd of 180 on water availability
  • We need a sustainable solution to manage this valuable resource

Traditional Water System

  • Water systems use motors to transport water where desired through a piped system.
  • The pipe systems have actuators and sensors to measure and control
    • The water flow
    • The pressure of the water
    • Level of water
    • Quality and composition of the water
  • The electrical motors have various starting systems and electrical protection systems
  • These islands of information operate independently
  • There is virtually no systematic collection, analysis and distribution of data and solutions

The Water System

Worgs Water Solution

  • A complete hardware and software solution that can be implemented with ease
  • Reduces the software implementation time and cost
  • It comprises three parts –
  • The first part is a field device – a box that consolidates components for Electrical Starting, Protection, Automation, Sensor and Actuator integration
    • It provides a plug and play interface for sensors and actuators
  • The second is a cloud based software application which allows seamless communication with the field device
    • It also provides Web based Visualisation and Control to users
  • The third part is Water System Owners and Operators, who can connect their pumps to Worgs and take advantage of the functionality of this robust system, some of which are
    • Gather real time data of pumps & devices
    • Configure rules for scheduling and alarms on If-Then-Else in conjunction with And/Or functionality
    • Provides ready-to-use as well as customized reports
    • Allows collaboration with legacy systems

Worgs empowers stakeholders to take control of their systems be it Water Utilities, Irrigation Systems for Agriculture, Industrial Usage or Livestock Farming.

Be Water Smart – Measure to Manage

There are many applications that can be effictively utilized to create an efficient water management system which in turn would help us conserve and protect this valuable resource for future generations. Some of them are:

Smart Metering

  • ●  Monitor Consumption
  • ● Leakage/Fault Alerts
  • ● Accurate/Timely Billing

Water Flow Management

  • ● Automate Pump Switch On/Off
  • ● Monitor Pressure Flow
  • ● Check tank/reservoir Levels
  • ● Ensure water quality
  • ● Leakage/Fault Alerts

Wastewater Management & Treatment

  • ● Optimize use or resources
  • ● Improve Energy Efficiency
  • ● Efficiently control effluent parameters

Smart Water Network

  • ● Significant Saving through Energy Management
  • ● Improve Water Efficiency
  • ● Check on Leakages & Blockages
  • ● Consistent Water Quality


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