The Power Problem

  • The world’s energy requirements are escalating with 78% of total world consumption depending on fast depleting fossil fuel resources.
  • The worst hit by this double-edged sword is the Power Sector, a major sector for primary energy demand.
  • Power is vital for growth and development, yet existing methods of power generation are unsustainable and emit harmful gases into the environment.
  • Electricity is the world’s fastest-growing form of end-use energy consumption.
  • Total World net electricity generation is poised to grow by 69% – from 21.6 trillion kWh in 2012 to 36.5 trillion kWh in 2040.
  • Maximum growth in electricity generation is from developing nations, primarily China and India.

A Strategic Step to the Smart Grid

  • Power loss occurs at all levels of production, transmission, distribution and consumption.
  • Since power cannot be stored, at macro levels it occurs due to disconnected islands of energy and peak load scenarios.
  • Varied consumption based on type of users, temperatures, seasons and numerous other variables also result in loss, as peaks and troughs are difficult to cater to.
  • Power wastage also happens as a result of negligence, convenience or simply a lack of manpower resources, for e.g. machines and equipment idling, lights that remain burning in broad daylight.
  • All this waste directly impacts power supply, higher bills, higher tariff and future energy security.

Traditional Metering Systems

  • The power utilities have actuators and transformers to measure and control:
    • The flow of power
    • The voltage of the power
  • They use conventional methods of recording meter data that is slow, unreliable, inefficient and prone to human error.
  • These islands of information operate independently.
  • Unmetered connections make it impossible to determine actual electricity consumption and commercial losses due to metering problems, theft, etc.
  • There is virtually no systematic collection, analysis and distribution of data and solutions.

Worgs Power Solution

  • A complete hardware and software solution that can be implemented with ease.
  • Reduces the software implementation time and cost.
  • It comprises three parts
  • The first part is a field device – a box that consolidates components for Electrical Starting, Protection, Automation, Sensor and Actuator integration.
    • It provides a plug and play interface for sensors and actuators.
  • The second is a cloud based software application which allows seamless communication with the field device.
    • It also provides Web based Visualization and Control to users.
  • The third part is Power Utility Owners and Operators, who can connect their transformers to Worgs and take advantage of the functionality of this robust system, some of which are
    • Gather real time data from consumer meters, be they residential, commercial or industrial
    • Configure rules for scheduling and alarms on ‘f Then Else in conjunction with And/Or functionality
    • Provide ready-to-use as well as customized reports
    • Allows collaboration with legacy systems
  • Enable better customer care, save time and resources in resolving customers’ complaints.
  • Worgs modular architecture allows diverse software applications to interact with each other.

Worgs empowers stakeholders to take control of their systems – Power Utilities, Power Managers in Townships, Factories and Commercial setups.

Be Power Smart – Measure to Manage

Utility Management Services

  • ● GPS Survey
  • ● GIS Mapping
  • ● Consumer Indexing
  • ● Asset Survey
  • ● Asset Database Preparation
  • ● Meter Reading
  • ● Bill Generation
  • ● Bill Distribution
  • ● Spot Billing
  • ● Automatic Meter Reading
  • ● Energy Accounting
  • ● Load Flow Studies
  • ● Technical Loss Analysis
  • ● Load Scheduling
  • ● Load Forecasting

Automated Meter Reading

  • ● Real time monitoring of electrical parameters (Voltage, Current, Power factor, Kw etc.)
  • ● Hierarchically energy audit
  • ● Time of day reporting
  • ● Peak load reporting
  • ● Power failure/resume event
  • ● Hierarchy management

Distribution Management System

  • ● Single line Dashboard
  • ● Energy accounting (for HT feeder, Distribution transformer)
  • ● Energy Accounting
  • ● Technical and Commercial losses
  • ● Breaker Status Monitoring
  • ● TOD for Supply and demand
  • ● Transformer Health monitoring (oil level measurement, winding temperature)
  • ● Load forecasting
  • ● Demand Side Management
  • ● Energy Audit System


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