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Industrial Automation       M2M       Industrial Internet of Things

prey: [prey]     – noun

a living thing and/or a machine that is enslaved and controlled

worg: [wawrg]    – noun

a supernatural cyborg wolf, that enters another, enslaves their senses and controls their actions

Current Worgs Data Points
35.760 Trillion and growing.
Equivalent to 50,000+ Data Points per person on Earth
Be a Worg.

A Complete Hardware and Software Platform

IoT Simplified

The World of Sensors & Actuators

Worgs Industrial IoT Architecture

Get the Worgs Advantage

Worgs Hardware

Worgs offers three types of hardware — IoT Modbus Gateway, IoT Smart Stack & IoT Smart Stack with Energy Meter. Through smart product integration, we humanise physical objects to logically process data and interact with their environment seamlessly in order to challenge virtual reality at its very limits.

Worgs Software

The Worgs cloud boosts the application development process so that it can enter the market swiftly. Application deployment and development become hassle-free through our cloud.

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